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Our History

Dispam transport company was born as a consequence of making sustainable truck loops from North to South of France after delivering fresh fruits and vegetables from Hautes Alpes to North of France. Rhône-Alpes and PACA areas were not well serviced by carriers for seafood products. Dispam developed over itself by accelerating lead-times in these areas. In these times, creating some guaranteed “Day A to Day B” lines was a breakthrough. Meeting French major dealers and distributors pushed Dispam to offer services for industrial refrigerated products.

Major milestones of company development were:

  • 1971Birth of DISPAM company
  • 1983Buildup of a multi product platform in Avignon M.I.N. (French Vaucluse department)
  • 1984Takeover of a company specialized in seafood products distribution in Poussan
  • 1984(French Languedoc Department)
  • 1984Buildup of a platform and birth of company: Rapid's Languedociens
  • 1986Set-up in Paris area (M.I.N - Rungis wholesale market)
  • 1986Start-up of first Industrial Refrigerated Products flows
  • 1996Buildup of a new multi product platform in Pontet (French Vaucluse department)
  • 1999Buildup of a new multi product platform in Val de Reuil (French Eure department)
  • 1999Birth of company: Héliodis
  • 2008Sale of seafood products distribution goodwill without tangible assets
  • 2009Buildup of a new multi product platform in Tigery (French Essonne department)
  • 2012Buildup of a customer dedicated platform in Pontet (French Vaucluse department)
  • 2012Birth of company: API2M
  • 2015Creation of an entity based in Wancourt/Arras (French Pas de Calais department) : Sélédis

680 employees

  • 50 staff
  • 55 leaders
  • 175 pickers & flows agents
  • 315 drivers
  • 85 administrative employees