Dispam HR goals

2M Group /DISPAM faces since its creation in 1970 a continuous growth.

Nowadays, we gather more than 500 women and men who are dedicated to satisfy our customers.

To face the challenge of growth, 2M Group/Dispam seeks applicants who are motivated and focused on the achievement of their missions.

As a service company, our employees are the flagship of the added value we sell to our customers.

Our human ressources strategy is composed of three targets :

Recruitment process :

Every year, we recruit employees from various profiles on one hand mainly focused on operations and on the other hand also concerned with management. Experience might be required or not. Each employee must lead his missions being transparent, honest and loyal.

Welcome program process :

From its first day in 2M Group/Dispam, each new employee has a personalized welcome path to accomplish based on his needs and on our different jobs. Each employee has the benefit of a complete repository of technical procedures as well as of a job description to make him comfortable with his daily tasks. Thus, each candidate can reach quickly autonomy in his daily work at 2M Group/Dispam.

Management of skills and performance process :

Motivating and own performance linked wages table, individualized training and annual performance review allows 2M Group/Dispam to offer to each employee some stimulating opportunities to develop both private and professional skills.

If you meet our values: corporate spirit, reactivity, enthusiasm, mastering challenging situations, you have to consult our last careers opportunities in careers page of this website or to let us a spontaneous application in “unsolicited application” page.

Unsolicited application

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